Skip's Triumph Page

November 30, 2003: My TR-250 is for sale sold.

I guess I've always had a soft spot for Triumphs. My parents owned a Swallow Doretti when I was a wee lad. I have a few pictures of it, circa 1957. I had a TR4 briefly in college, then went through a succession of Porsches (914, several 356s, and a 911S). Life caught up with me after I graduated from college, however, and the Porsches eventually disappeared.

In the early 90's I stumbled upon a TR250, which I bought and drove for a couple years until the right front suspension broke. The car then sat in a neighbor's garage for several years while we converted our garage into a family room. It wasn't until much later (1998) that we completed a new two-car garage and I could actually work on the problem. Alas, we decided to move in 1999. That lit a fire under me. The body came off. The engine and transmission came out. The front suspension was disassembled. Then I had a welder repair the frame. "Assembly is the reverse of disassembly". Details of the adventure are available for the curious.

As I got further into things, I found it useful to scan Ebay periodically for parts. Unfortunately, I could/would never discipline myself to check Ebay regularly, and their notifier services are marginal at best. I eventually developed a screen scraper to send me information about new and recently completed auctions. That grew into a number of mailing lists. I you're interested, take a look.