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Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 03:45:55 EDT
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Hi all, Great to have the list back. Thank you Dale for having faith in your lightweight brethern. Help! I'm restoring a 1977 Fuji Newest and I'm having trouble locating brake pad holders into which I can put new pads. I've already recieved help in locating the wheel guides but the holders are a problem. Anyone?

Oh, an informal intro. I joined the list in it's previous incarnation but feel like I've been a member of this community for years. First 10 speed was bought in the bike boom year of '72, a German made bike with the problematic name of "Vainquer", rode it to school and around town and to a movie called "Breaking Away" in '79. Walked out of the theatre converted and began switching parts and learning about bikes. Thought I wanted a Fuji Newest but bought a Raleigh Comp G.S. in '80 for the staggering sum of 525.00. Took it to the Univ.of Florida where I joined the cycling club and started serious riding, centuries, centuries and a half. Started learning about Colnagos and Austro-Daimler, Rossin, Masi, Ciocc and Bianchi. Upgraded that bike with Campy brakes, NR headset, Super Champion tubular rims. Bought it way too big as I learned and sold it a few years later for what I paid. Saw a Bianchi Super Leggera in a bike shop in VA. Convinced the owner to sell me the frame only and went about building up a SR bike with Fiamme Ergal rims. That was 1982-84. Rode very little in the ensueing years as grad school and marriage came along. Rediscovered my love for the sport in '98 and started riding the Bianchi again. Have since restored (well not perfectly) a '73 Raleigh Grand Prix (which reminds me of my first 10 speed) and am currently restoring a Fuji Newest. Oh my this is way too long. But that's where I am now.

Scott "a glorious overcast day here in LA" Smith