[Classicrendezvous] Parts FS

From: "Eric Elman" <tr4play@home.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [Classicrendezvous] Parts FS
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 14:24:40 -0500

Hi All,

All prices plus shipping....

1. NOS SR Sakae "World Randonneur" 42cm, (2) $25ea. 2. NOS 3ttt T.d.F. Superleggero, 40.5cm, drilled for brake cables, (1) $40. 3. NOS Guidons Philippe Atax Franco Italia D532, 40cm, drilled for brake cables, (3) $35ea. These are super cool with an engraved image of a bicycle racer. I have a used set of these on my Peugeot PX-10 along with an Atax stem (still available from Sheldon Brown?) as a replacement for the stress crack prone AVA originals. Can't imagine anything looking more appropriate. 4. NOS Mavic GL330 36h. $35 (1 only). 5. NOS Ukai sew-up rim, 36h, polished silver. $15 (1 only). 6. Used Normandy Luxe Competition gold label high flange front hub, 36h, laced to unknown sew-up rim (looks like similar to a Mavic Champion du Monde) with dried up Raleigh branded sew-up tire, no skewer, quite dusty/dirty. $20. 7. Used Campagnolo NR/SR low flange rear hub, 36h, laced to old label Mavic GP-4 rim, 126mm spacing, very smooth but dusty from hanging in a bike shop for who knows how long, used dry Vittoria sew-up. $40. 8. NOS (I believe) Mavic GP-4 rim set, 36h, old label, one has glue other has Cyclepro tire mounted. There is no brake wear at all on rim but I don't know reason for tires and glue, bought from a going out of business bike shop. They appear as new. $60/set. 9. NOS/NIB Raleigh Rampar spare tire holder, close copy of Vittoria classic. $10. 10. Used GB stem, "GB" cast into each side, uses non-recessed binder bolt, missing all hardware. Same as used on early Raleigh Competitions. $5. 11. Used TTT Record stem, 95mm, has "ELIAN" stamped on front face, early style clamp bolt with "TTT" cast into head. $10 12. Used Campagnolo NR front derailleur, clamp on with straight clamp band (ie. not diamond shape in center of band), 4 holes in cage, very nice condition. $30. 13. Used Campagnolo NR front derailleur, clamp on with diamond shape in center of band, 4 holes in cage, nice condition. $30. 14. NOS TA handlebar mount waterbottle cage, no clips. $20 (2 avail). 15. Used Campagnolo SR front derailleur, braze on, 3 holes in cage, near mint. $35. 16. Used Campagnolo Victory brakeset, white hoods, recessed bolts, near mint, I bought for me thinking they were NR, no cables, includes original pad holders with almond/grey pads. $70. 17. NOS/NIB Christophe chromed steel toe clips, mod 476C with unusual side mountong holes. $5. 18. NOS Christophe aluminum toes clips, medium, black anodized. $8. 19. NOS Campagnolo chainstay clip for rear derailleur. $5. 20. NOS Campagnolo BB cable guide. $10. 21. NOS/NIP Campagnolo top tube brake cable clip set (3 clips/bolts). $10. 22. NOS TA (10 sets available) chromed metal dustcaps. $10/set. 23. NOS/NIP Peugeot cottered BB set (cups & spindle). $10. 24. NOS chrome 3rd hand brake helper tools. $3 each which includes shipping in US. 25. NOS Dia-Compe center pull brake sets in the box. Includes caliper, lever, cable, hanges, clips, everything. (5) sets available, $10ea or all 5 for $40.

Wanted (buy/trade): 1. Narrow width, quality 36h 700c clincher rim set such as Mavic Mod. E2, Rigida 1320's or similar, must be silver, '70's era. 2. TA downtube water bottle cage(s), chrome and plastic with tube clamps, 3 needed. 3. Simplex Super Criterium plastic and metal parallelogram front derailleur as used on 1974-78ish PX-10LE's. 4. GB engraved handlebars. 5. Old 3TTT "Record" stem, 105mm length. 6. Campagnolo NR clamp on front derailleur, must have lips on front cage (ca. 1978 on). 7. Campagnolo NR rear derailleur (2), must be "Pat. 78 & 74." 8. Campagnolo NR cranksets/arms (2), 170 English, 1974 good or better, 1978 mint only. 9. Lyotard Brethet platform pedals, french thread.

Thanks for looking,

Eric Elman