[Classicrendezvous] This is quite the list and introduction

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From: "Charles T. Young" <youngc@netreach.net>
To: <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 00:25:57 -0400
Subject: [Classicrendezvous] This is quite the list and introduction


By way of introduction, I'm Charlie Young who recently subscribed, nearly panicked when it was shut down within about 3 days, then rejoiced at the return. I appreciate the informed and witty discussions and Q&A on the list and look forward to learning a lot more. I'm and environmental scientist and avid recreational rider who at age 47 is without racing aspirations but likes to go fast.

Most of my current and a few former rides (for background) in approximate chronological order are:

Former ca. 1971 Peuguot UO-8, of the wretched Simplex Prestige fame, stolen at college. Bought, appropriately enough, for almost nothing a Chiorda to be able to get places. Pure junk; also former

1976 Viscount Aerospace Pro. Ridden to this day and still a friendly and familiar companion. Runs with some early 80's upgrades including a Trek 531 fork (from their then racing frame), Universal 77 sidepulls, HF NR hubs, Ultra 6 fwl, Fiamme red rims. Cinelli stem and bar added last year. Rest stock including neat Shimano Crane rear and Titlist front derailleurs and the good old leather saddle. Were these "Handcrafted for Trusty" saddles made by Wrights?

1972 Follis. Couldn't live without a Prestige after all and missed the pain and suffering of owning a French bike. 531 main tubes, Nervar crank, no name HF hubs, Fiamme red. Mafac brakes.

197? Taiwanese "Saxon" used as a town bike (no lock required) All steel except allow centerpulls. Took off the narrow steel drops and put on a steel riser bar and Diacompe mountain type levers. Kinda like the steel SunTour Honor rear derailleur. Good beater for town but I really wish that I had a real Saxon....

1975 Puch "Level II" Just completed fixed conversion (Thanks, Sheldon...). Full 531 SR seatpost, stem, and randonneur bar. Balance is/was Shimano 600 equipped. Spare parts are tucked away for posterity.

Current project is a 1975 Colnago Super purchased as a frame only. Just finishing collecting the NR pieces (anybody with an extra NR italian headset out there?) to build up. Needs paint too...

My concession to modernity is a 2000 Mondonico EL-OS with full 2000 Record group. Frame is beautifully built of steel with pinned lugs. In a concession to my retrogrouchiness, I amost immediately swithched the Mondonico-embroidered Selle San Marco for a Brooks Swift. It is awfully hard to break the habit of reaching for the downtube levers after all those years.

What's conspicuously absent from the stable is a bike(s) with Nervex Pro or hand cut baroquely styled lugs.

Sorry if I've wasted too much bandwidth, I'll be posing a few questions to you guys and enjoying the responses and repartee.

Charlie in West Chester where he is wishes that he didn't have to wait for the glue to dry on the rear wheel of the Puch.