[Classicrendezvous] Tools for Sale

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From: <LouDeeter@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 22:01:41 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
CC: DTSHIFTER@aol.com, a0199755@yahoo.com
Subject: [Classicrendezvous] Tools for Sale

I have these tools for sale or trade. The items I need in trade, should you have them, are a fork crown race remover for a 1" standard road fork (CA-729 would be nice) or long 6mm allen wrench.

CA-771 Campy tool with 10mm boxed end for NR 2-bolt seatposts & the other end is a 13mm for leather saddles. If you haven't seen one, it is bent in the middle to get the 10mm part under the saddle to adjust those hard to get at bolts. Sells for $27.20 from Third Hand. I'll take $15 shipped. PA-BBT-4 BB Cup Spanner for those bottom bracket cups that have rounded notches. Fits Campy, Thun, SLS, SKF. If you have one of these bbs, you neeed this wrench!! Retail $6.75. $3 with the above wrench or $5 shipped. SH-PD30 Shimano DuraAce Pedal tool for DA7401 clipless pedals. I think this fits other Shimano pedals as well. Retails $5.00. $3 with above or $4 shipped.