Re: [Classicrendezvous] History of Brake Calipers

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From: <>
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 22:59:14 EDT
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] History of Brake Calipers

To all members, I need some help to straighten my memories.

Universal Brakes are easy, their models are marked by numbers when they came out.

How about "Altenburger" Synchron, the double pivots side pull, how old are they? I remember seeing them at least 1966 in Japan.

How late did they make brake set?. They are made in Germany, right?

Weinmann centerpull, this was on my first 5 speed bike in 1964. This was extra option while all other used side pull at that time. One pair collection I have are marked WEINMANN, VANQEUR, 999, came off fron 1965 Paramount. The front pair were short, and the rear pair were long reach as for 26" wheel. Also stamped on thier back BRAKE MADE IN SWITZERLAND BY WEINMANN. The pivots were rivetted on thier back, while later ones are mounted by hex nuts. I remenber that Yosigai Metal Fabricator of Japan, bought rights to reproduce in Japan in late 60's, and start making copy of weinmann ceter pull, late became DIA COPME, right?

How late did Wienmann of Swiss produce brake set? When was the rivet repalced by nut? Also, some start having a pin/groove to synchronize in arms, when?

I recall the time, '67-'68, Canpagnolo side pull apperared in the market. I thought Campy were for spinning only NOT stopping running at that time.

Mafac center pull is pretty old are'nt they? They always there as RACER, but later on Competition were added? , when? How late did they make theirs?

Shimano was also known as spinning people, they are also known as maker of fishing reels. DURA ACE came out after 1971, didn't they? I left Japan to come to USA, stop racing at that time. Never saw anyone using Shimano brake while I was racing.

Someone, told me British GB made brake set, I guess I have to go to C-De ORO site to check it out. Did nay other OLD brake makers there?

Thanks, KEN TODA, in North Carolina, USA, over the hill rider need good brakeset!