Re: [Classicrendezvous] CR List rules & etiquette

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Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] CR List rules & etiquette
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 18:45:04 -0700

Hello to all, I am new to this group but have enjoyed what I've read. My name is Craig Griffith and I've been a avid cyclist since I was a boy. I am interested in bikes from the 70's and earlier. Examples of what I have are Cinelli, Allegro,Hetchins. I have already learned alot from you all Thanks ! I have an early french (I believe) 10spd. with Serie Legere model 45/159 lugs, with braze ons for old style pump, one braze on (right) side shifter, Suicide front simplex, rear simplex 4spd,durax special courses 3 piece cottered cranks with simplex steel chain rings,super dural ("Lam" Mle Depose) side pull calipers, unknown aluminum flat rail seat . It once had a head plaque.I would appreciate any ideas on the age and maker. I know this is a tough one but also interesting. Feel free to ask questions Thanks Craig Griffith

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Subject: [Classicrendezvous] CR List rules & etiquette

> I feel the need to give all you folks a little reminder about how the Classic
> Rendezvous list will be operated this time around and a few specific notes.
> I hope you all took the time to read the rules upon your re-initiation to the
> Nuovo list. At the risk of being repetitive, I will copy them again at the
> bottom of this message.
> Three items in this epistle:
> 1. Please sign each and every post with your full (middle not necessary!) and
> real name (no pseudonyms please.)
> 2. PLEASE avoid topics which are not fairly directly related to Vintage
> lightweights. This is a judgment call I know, but new bike discussions, fit
> issues, riding techniques, are all not usually very pertinent to the theme
> and should be posted to another list that better applies.
> 3. I, as CR List administrator, am receiving an inordinate number of
> "returned mail" notices stating that a particular e-mail account is maxed out
> and that address therefore cannot receive the CR post. I will un-subscribe
> any e-mail addresses that send back mail more than once, so please manage
> your e-mail.
> I hope you all understand that I will unsubscribe folks that do not heed my
> first warning on any of these rules. I apologize for sounding authoritarian,
> but being on the list is a privilege not a right.
> Thanks,
> Dale Brown
> Ye Olde (middle age!) List Manager