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I enjoyed C+109 and C+110 as I have all the other issues. Like Dale, I might prefer to read a DC review of a 1950's or earlier British bike, but I think Lambert and Klein definitely qualify as significant milestones, albeit in some ways forerunners of some undesirable current trends. Besides, I suppose many of the classic British marques have already been profiled before Dale or I became subscribers. There is also still the Retro column, I believe the one in C+110 was about British riders on the Continent in the 50's through 70's. The Klein article raises an issue discussed on the list before, i.e. the nature of stress fatigue in aluminum. It is implied that the larger diameter Klein tubes lengthened fatigue life by reducing the magnitude of cyclic deflection loading. Having studied this subject only in a couple of engineering materials courses, I was under the impression that it was the number of deflection cycles rather than the magnitude of deflection that determined when a structure would fail. Can anyone more qualified in this field correct me on this? Also, won't the thinner walled Klein tubes fail in fewer cycles than the thicker walls of the classic Alan and Vitus aluminum frames? (See Dale, there is a classic angle to my question.)


Jerry Moos

Hilary Stone wrote:
> What may confuse you is that Cycling Plus is doing 14 issues this year ­
> extra spring and summer issues. Last issue out on the shelves (about two
> weeks ago) was C+110 October with Viscount/Lambert Aerospace as the Design
> Classic. In Design Classics we try to strike a balance between the old and
> new and whacky and the deadly serious. Next issue won't have a DC but
> service will resume the following issue. Extra space was needed for
> Britain's Olympic successes!
> Hilary Stone
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> >Subject: [Classicrendezvous] Speaking of Cycling Plus....
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> > Has there been an issue lately? I wonder if my subscription ran out and I
> > missed out on a few issues . I must confess the last few I got drifted a
> > little away from the Classics I would prefer being covered (Klein, OCLV,
> > Pashley Delivery, etc.!) I know the realities of business so I guess these
> > models appeal to newbies....But I am happy to get anything at all!
> > So, can anyone offer the month of publication and content (classic wise) of
> > the most recent issue?
> > Dale Brown