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Subject: [Classicrendezvous] New Windsor/Cinelli Question
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Two weekends ago I took my son to a cyclocross race and there happended to be a small swap meet also. I ended buying a small frameset that I believe to be either a Windsor Pro or Cinelli. How can one identify the difference? I think this was discussed on the list quite some time ago and would greatly appreciate feedback - this way it can now get into our searchable archives. Here's the details:

50cm ctot chromed lugs at headset and seatstay along with the dropouts and forkcrown 3 holes of diminishing size on each of the long point lugs EXCEPT the top tube/head tube point only has 2 holes in it. BB has one hole on undeside tang that downtube is brazed into, also, just beneath this hole is stamped what looks like "50" size maybe? BB has one large hole in bottom center with a circle of 8 moderately sized holes around it BB has brazed on cable guides Seatlug has "12488" vertically stamped on left side Chainstays are crimped for tire and chainring clearance Campy short horizontal rear dropouts stays/dropout joints are nicely filed to have a straight edge Rear der. cable guide is brazed on chainstay Rear brake cable guides are brazed on tt and round in profile no headbadge nor holes for one Brazed on shifter bosses Fork has a semi sloping (almost but not quite flat) crown with reinforcing tangs on inside with 3 holes of diminishing size Columbus bird symbol stamped in steerer tube, no spiral rifling on inside as recently mention on list Takes a 27.0 seat post (it is still with the bike) Campy seatpost has 6 shallow flutes machined in and are painted red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue Bike had on it (but the owner kept) Campy NR crankset with the right side arms filled with the same color blue as on the seatpost and was dated 1977 (I think) Bike also has on it a 3ttt "new" record stem (ie. post 1975, Cinelli 1A'ish) along with 3TTT mod Competizione h-bars Headset is a Campy SR Bike had been totally stripped of paint and decals before the previous owner purchased it down in Florida.

A few comments that I could find: An old Bikology catalog carries the Windsor Pro but list 52 as the smallest size - so maybe it's not a Windsor? A 1974 Bicycle buyers guide mentions that the Cinelli Super Corsa is the only Cinelli model made with Reynolds 531DB tubing instead of the Columbus used on all other models - so maybe it's not a Cinelli? Maybe the buyers guide didn't know what they where talking about?

Please ask any questions that may help.

Thanks in Advance,

Eric "Outa my league when it's not French" or "this is my first Mexitalian frame" Elman

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> << Is this the book you're getting? You had mentioned a
> new book a couple months ago and you were going to
> create a waiting list for CR members.
> Jason Cloutier >>
> Yes, Abe Konrad is printing, via Rob VanderPlas' publishing, 500 copies of
> BikeLore of which I ordered a batch and I am also an advertiser in it. I
> have a list of about a dozen people who indicated to me that they were
> interested and I will e-mail all those folks when it is in hand.
> I just very recently (3-4 weeks?) sent in my art to meet my advertising copy
> deadline for it, so I assumed it would be some months before it would
> actually be available but who knows? Maybe printing/publishing is faster
> process these days.
> Pricing was not confirmed way back then but now it looks like it will be
> $20.00 @ incl. Priority Mailing if purchased through cycles de ORO, Inc. You
> could call me with a credit card #. oe e-mail it (Is that safe?).. Obviously
> it is also available from Abe.
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