Re: [Classicrendezvous] Ciocc Time Trial bike

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From: "Tim & Jen" <>
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Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Ciocc Time Trial bike
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 08:12:33 -0400

Morning Chuck,

Don't suppose you know the year on your frame? I did not know that Concorde owned Ciocc, that makes more sense of the PDM colors on the frame. I know very little about Oria tubing but I was under the impression that it was Italian. I found a link to and while the site was not working the few things I could access were in Italian (as was the host server). The bike I got has a front 650c fork that is also Oria CSS 52 tubing although the bike came with a second newer front fork (a year old or so) that was a tange 700c fork. This is the one that is currently installed on the frame but is not original. Any idea what components PDM used in general? My plan is to build this up over the winter as I get the parts together. Right now I have the front derailleur(C-record), look pedals and the headset, bb, and seatpost that came with the bike-although I will probably change those last three things in the long run. I would love to keep up on our to projects and see how the two bike turn out.

Thanks for the info, Tim (looks like rain here in MA) Carter

> Morning Tim,
> I too have one of the Ciocc TT frames (waiting to be built up along with
> about 45 other frames!!) and although I will not do it up completely
> "correct", I can offer some thoughts and give some info.
> The Oria tubing, I believe, was German, and top quality. My frame has a
> Tange fork (is yours etched Tange on the steerer tube?), but the frame decal
> does say "Made in Italy". Of course Ciocc was the "Italian" arm of Concorde
> (Belgium) and the frames were used interchangeably by PDM (to my
> understanding).
> I'm going to use a Suntour Superebe (Pro) drivetrain, including hubs. Don't
> know about brakes as yet. I have Sun rims, but they are more modern than the
> bike, and also clincher. I have some TT bars and will probably use Dia-Compe
> reverse levers (although I haven't decided on calipers as I mentioned).
> I was planning on starting on the bike in the next 30 days or so as I have
> all the parts I need, I only have to decide.....?
> Let's keep in touch with our "Ciocc Projects" - sounds like it might be


> Chuck Brooks

> Malta, NY