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Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 20:30:58 -0400
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Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] New Windsor/Cinelli Question
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I'd be surprised to see a 50cm Windsor Pro made out of SP, but anything's possible...

Greg Parker

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RE: Re: [Classicrendezvous] New Windsor/Cinelli Question

Pretty sure it's a Windsor because of the seatpost size. Vintage Cinellis, as recently discussed, usually have 26.2 size seatposts. Since your's takes a 27.0, it's probably made of Columbus SP.

Tom Adams

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>Two weekends ago I took my son to a cyclocross race and there happended to
>be a small swap meet also. I ended buying a small frameset that I believe
>to be either a Windsor Pro or Cinelli. How can one identify the difference?
>I think this was discussed on the list quite some time ago and would greatly
>appreciate feedback - this way it can now get into our searchable archives.
>Here's the details:
>50cm ctot
>chromed lugs at headset and seatstay along with the dropouts and forkcrown
>3 holes of diminishing size on each of the long point lugs EXCEPT the top
>tube/head tube point only has 2 holes in it.
>BB has one hole on undeside tang that downtube is brazed into, also, just
>beneath this hole is stamped what looks like "50" size maybe?
>BB has one large hole in bottom center with a circle of 8 moderately sized
>holes around it
>BB has brazed on cable guides
>Seatlug has "12488" vertically stamped on left side
>Chainstays are crimped for tire and chainring clearance
>Campy short horizontal rear dropouts
>stays/dropout joints are nicely filed to have a straight edge
>Rear der. cable guide is brazed on chainstay
>Rear brake cable guides are brazed on tt and round in profile
>no headbadge nor holes for one
>Brazed on shifter bosses
>Fork has a semi sloping (almost but not quite flat) crown with reinforcing
>tangs on inside with 3 holes of diminishing size
>Columbus bird symbol stamped in steerer tube, no spiral rifling on inside as
>recently mention on list
>Takes a 27.0 seat post (it is still with the bike)
>Campy seatpost has 6 shallow flutes machined in and are painted red, yellow,
>blue, red, yellow, blue
>Bike had on it (but the owner kept) Campy NR crankset with the right side
>arms filled with the same color blue as on the seatpost and was dated 1977
>(I think)
>Bike also has on it a 3ttt "new" record stem (ie. post 1975, Cinelli 1A'ish)
>along with 3TTT mod Competizione h-bars
>Headset is a Campy SR
>Bike had been totally stripped of paint and decals before the previous owner
>purchased it down in Florida.
>A few comments that I could find:
>An old Bikology catalog carries the Windsor Pro but list 52 as the smallest
>size - so maybe it's not a Windsor?
>A 1974 Bicycle buyers guide mentions that the Cinelli Super Corsa is the
>only Cinelli model made with Reynolds 531DB tubing instead of the Columbus
>used on all other models - so maybe it's not a Cinelli? Maybe the buyers
>guide didn't know what they where talking about?
>Please ask any questions that may help.
>Thanks in Advance,
>Eric "Outa my league when it's not French" or "this is my first Mexitalian
>frame" Elman
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>> << Is this the book you're getting? You had mentioned a
>> new book a couple months ago and you were going to
>> create a waiting list for CR members.
>> Jason Cloutier >>
>> Yes, Abe Konrad is printing, via Rob VanderPlas' publishing, 500 copies of
>> BikeLore of which I ordered a batch and I am also an advertiser in it. I
>> have a list of about a dozen people who indicated to me that they were
>> interested and I will e-mail all those folks when it is in hand.
>> I just very recently (3-4 weeks?) sent in my art to meet my advertising
>> deadline for it, so I assumed it would be some months before it would
>> actually be available but who knows? Maybe printing/publishing is faster
>> process these days.
>> Pricing was not confirmed way back then but now it looks like it will be
>> $20.00 @ incl. Priority Mailing if purchased through cycles de ORO, Inc.
>> could call me with a credit card #. oe e-mail it (Is that safe?)..
>> it is also available from Abe.
>> Dale Brown
>> cycles de ORO
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