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Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 22:39:36 +0900

My newest knowledge is that Conti has bought the brand name of Ciocc. I think the ownership of Ciocc changed several times. Once I saw Mr. Pelizzoli carrying many frames into Guerciotti Shop in 1983. I remember his characteristic face and worn-out clothes.
   According to a magazine , the capacity of his workshop then was 70-80 frames a month and 6 men at work. I suppose that to get this capacity he must have had patrons or investors as was usual. It must have been difficult for an artisan like Mr. Pelizzoli or Mr. Rossin, to get along with them.
                                     Takao Noda
                           Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan

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> I had a video about the Ciocc factory once (?Wonder where it is? Maybe I can
> find it and other obscure tapes and show them continuously at the next
> Cirque!) and it was a pretty big operation.
> Bad video but interesting glimpses of that workshop. They also were making a
> brand named "Conti." There was no older master builder evident but a bunch
> of young guys with long hair doing the actual work.
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, NC
> (Supposed to be in the 50s today!)