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Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2000 21:37:51 -0400
To: "Dave Feldman" <>, "Douglas R. Brooks" <>, Classic Rendevous <>
From: "Harvey M Sachs" <>
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Laing
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At 06:10 PM 10/9/2000 -0700, Dave Feldman wrote:
> What do you call stays like this when they're not on a GT or
> ><blah>
> > Personally, I call them an affectation. For your trouble, here's what you get:

--> 2 extra joints to make and finish. --> The joints on the top tube are likely on the thin part of the tube, where most folks would prefer to use silver, but silver doesn't have significant strength except in shear (as in a properly done lug), so it isn't a really bright idea. --> A much more awkward brake cable run.

I'm no expert on mechanics, but my understanding is that the seat stays don't do much except keep the chainstays in the right position vertically, and hold the brakes. can't see how this helps with either to any extent that would be noticed.

But, I don't feel strongly about that.

harvey sachs
mclean va