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Where can I order an Alex Clarke jersey?

Thank you,

Mike Carney

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I concur on the Alex Clarke jerseys. I have the Cinelli (both the white / blue jersey AND the maroon sweater) and yes they are awesome, in fact they compare very favorably to vintage wool jerseys that I have. Definitely will get the Molteni. I'm 6-3 and 180, take a size 5 which fits very nicely.

They are true wearable art and worth EVERY penny.

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Just a note, Alex has two new repros in the works .... a true Moltini with the world champion colors on the sleeves, etc, and a true Brooklyn also with the world champion color enhancements. He really sweats bullets over the details on these, and thankfully, warned me off the Brooklyn that was recently on the ebay cycling memorabilia site .... Robert Clair Alexandria, Virginia