Re: [Classicrendezvous] FS: half-step + g bike

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Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 13:02:22 -0700
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] FS: half-step + g bike
From: "Dave Feldman" <>
To: PeterGrenader <>, Gregory Jung <>

I think that the Campanias were Fuji product. Evidence: Same lugs as Fuji Finest/Newest, Nitto bars and stem, Mt. Fuji logo on seat binder bolt. What was also interesting about them was the use of Phil Wood parts on the top model; Phil bb with Sugino Mighty cranks and hubs laced up to the plastic-insert Ukai tubular rims. I worked at Wilshire West Bicycles about a year after Pete worked at Campania's shop, we sold a few of those bikes. Also sold Stellas from a short-lived company called Satellite Imports, and sold Follis bikes from George Linder. David Feldman ----------
>From: PeterGrenader <>
>To: Gregory Jung <>
>Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] FS: half-step + g bike
>Date: Mon, Oct 16, 2000, 11:28 AM
>Campania - that's a name I haven't heard for years and years. they were
>the house brand for Ray Campania's bike shop, located in Canoga Park,
>CA. The tubing used per the decal "McIver" was creative example of
>creative license. It was a Japanese frame, but the tubing was not made
>by Mc Iver as most of them were labeled. - they were a wholesaler also
>in the San Fernando Valley, who had a habit of putting their name on
>everything they sold to imply they made it. McIver was importing these
>frames for Ray and doing the assembly for them prior to delivery.
>How do I know this?
>I worked at Ray Campania's bike shop when I was a kid for one summer in
>1972 as I was saving $$ for my first Allegro. After I got it, the
>summer was over and I went back to high school. The next summer, with
>Allegro in tow, I got a job at Mc Iver in the parts department. McIver
>was riddled with, how should I put it....internal shrinkage...which I
>believe led to their demise. There were kids on the assembly line
>robbing them blind.
>Gregory Jung wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I just bought another bike, which means one of my
>> current rides must go, due to no storage/small apt and
>> a strictly enforced bike-to-person ratio.
>> This is a chromoly 20.5" c-t "Campania" (a mid-level
>> 70s Japanese brand) sport-touring bike, with
>> half-chromed stays and forks, blue in pretty good
>> condition.
>> It has TA Cyclotouriste cranks (50-45-26) with a 12-28
>> 5-speed freewheel; Suntour power ratchet barcons;
>> Suntour V-GT luxe rear derailleur and some Suntour
>> front derailleur; nice Suzue high-flange hubs and 27"
>> wheels; Dia-Compe levers and front sidepulls with
>> Campania brand centerpulls in the back (probably Dia
>> Compe also); and SR stem and rando bars (38cm I
>> think).
>> I would like to get $120 plus shipping. If this
>> sounds unreasonable, please make an offer.
>> Thanks,
>> Greg Jung
>> Berkeley, CA.
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