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Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 09:17:31 -0400


I have seen several frames fail in the BB region due to over heating in the BB. One of them was even a Colnago from the early 70's. The bb shell broke at the seat tube.

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>In a message dated 10/16/00 4:59:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
><< think a silly early '80's that Colnago ran spoke tons about the emphasis
> of marketing over quality. The ad showed a relieved Colnago bottom bracket
> being heated by a torch,heated cherry red. Yup, that's quality. >>
>Actually it is not all that bad. Ever heard of hearth brazing? You have any
>idea how warm those tube joints get? I wonder if Bob Jacksons and Mercian s
>are still made that way. Hand held torches at one time were not all that
>In any case, brass brazed bike joints have to be cherry red and actually in
>use, do just fine most of the time. How many Colnagos have you seen break
>from heat related damage? Zilch! They are hugely reliable. I have had, at
>cycles de ORO, more silver brazed bikes fail than traditionally made Italian
>bikes, but I think that is due to lack of experience and preparation rather

>than mode.


>Dale Brown