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I'm probably gonna get shot for this, but a good friend of mine has a Waterford with stainless lugs. It's a beautiful bike, it is. But I cannot imagine for the life of me why the addition of stainless lugs (which appear naked only at the headtube and are not all that finished) should constitute a $500 upcharge. After he saw the frame the owner was a bit shocked as well, let me tell ya.

Richard Rose wrote:
> Jerry, you might be interested in taking a look @ Waterford's website. They
> are offering a stainless steel (polished), option on their frames @ a
> $500.00 upcharge! Looks real nice too. Also, they have quite a bit of
> technical info regarding the tubes used in their bikes - real proponents of
> 853 I might add. I do not think that anyone would accuse Waterford of not
> making a quality product made to last indefinitely or for following "fads"
> for that matter.
> Cheers,
> Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio)
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