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From: <karlnbev@internetcds.com>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: 18 Oct 2000 14:05:56 -0700
Subject: [Classicrendezvous] Stuff for Sale

Hi folks, I have some items for sale. I think that the prices are reasonable, but if they are out of line, please let me know. I got into the basement (dungeon) of an old shop and scrounged some stuff. I'm trying to pass things on and pay for the set of Bluemels Airwieght fenders that I am keeping for myself.

Here goes:

1) a set of bars, stem and levers. bars are 3ttt, 41cm to outsides, marked "3ttt" on one side, and "MOD GRAND PRIX, MADE ITALY" on the other. An old adjustable 3ttt stem is mounted to the bars. It is a 2 piece stem, with the quill having a clamp on the top, which the extension goes through. The stem will adjust from about 5cm to 11 cm, with 9 differant settings. Each setting has a notch or groove, through which the bolt on the top of the quill will pass, to set the extension. There are two decals, one on the quill, which has the Italian tricolor and the word "garantito" and one on the top of the extension, which reads "MADE IN ITALY, 3ttt, mod. RECORD". Both decals are in rough shape. Bar and stem are in decent but used shape. Pair of levers on the bar, Universal, non aero, hoods are intact, but brittle. $32.00 shipped in contenental US.

2) 12 leather toe straps. A few look like they were made yesterday, a few look like they have been in pedals, but not twisted, or out of the shop, and the others are in between. Two red, but don't match (mfg), two black but don't match, others white. $36.00 shipped in contenental US.

3) Stronglight Crankset. Looks to me like a TA Cyclo Tourist, but is a Stronglight double. Rings are 53/42, threads are good, and english. Arms say "MARQUE STRONGLIGHT DEPOSEE" on the front, and at the back where the big ring bolts to the crank, "49D MADE IN FRANCE 170". Arms and rings only, no BB. 2 of the 5 chain ring bolts are rusted on the back side. Might polish up ok, but a user, not a show piece. $36 shipped in contenental US.

4) Sturmey Archer rear hub, Drum brake on left side, right side threaded for freewheel. With cable, solid axle, 36h, no locknuts. NOS, inside of hub reads: "Sturmey Archer Limited, Made in England, 7 79". Never built up. Heavy. $55.00 shipped in contenental US.

5) "Mafac Racer" caliper, rear, NOS, with shoes, $5.00 with any order.

6) 5 waterbottles with cages. They are dead ringers for the first bottles and cages I had, maybe 28 years ago, with one exception. The ones I had were European, saying "Reg, Italy". These bottles and cages are from Hong Kong. The bottles are small, white, with molded in rings on the body of the bottle, and with 2 caps. One is a "shower" type cap, with multiple holes and the other is a drinking cap. The latter has a plug which goes into the drinking hole. The cages are chromed cheap metal, with seperate clamps to hold the cage to the bike tube. The cages also have an integral clamp on the front of the cage to tighten the cage around the water bottle. Would look correct on some bikes, I guess, but boy are they ugly. $7.00 ea. shipped in contenental US, $20.00 for all 5. If no one wants them, I'll understand.

7) And now for the pee-ace dee resis-tance (hey, I can speak french too), There are 3 or 4 pair of NOS "Bluemels Airwieght" fenders sitting in a barrel in the basement of this shop. These are the nice old lightwieght aluminum fenders. They may as well be on someone's bike as in that barrel, where they Probubly have been for over 20 years. I think that I can scrounge struts from down there, but there are no bolts to mount the struts to the fenders. Maybe those can be gotten from a shop? He wants $40 a piece for them, and I'm not quite sure how to ship them do to the size. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Karl Eicher. Cloudly and 60's in Cave Junction Or. 16.3 miles and 2080ft of climbing on the PX10 yesterday.