Re: [Classicrendezvous] interesting stickers on eBay

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Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 20:19:18 EDT
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] interesting stickers on eBay

Those stickers are similar to, but not identical to, sheets I bought at the last Long Beach CA Bike Show... Musta been 1985 ish?

I apologize if I have told this story before but...

I was walking the show the first day and came upon this very minimal booth with a table and a very polite and cheery older Japanese man and wife sitting there. Spread out on the table cloth was a hundred or more of these sheets. They were obviously very high quality screen printed decals on foil, a peel 'n stick style. The decals had been die cut around each shape. Quite a production! The brands represented on the sheet were similar to that new set on Ebay.. Columbus, Reynolds 531, Silca, Profile saddles, Campagnolo ovals and a long script style, TA crank arm centers, etc.

The couple could barely speak even the most minimal English and I finally figured out that they were selling the sheets for I think $8.00 each. (memory fades!) I think that they may have been soliciting business for their high quality screen printing service too, but I cannot be sure about that. In any case, I thought the sheets were neat. Although I was not "into" vintage bikes yet, I knew intuitively that they would come in handy sooner or later.. especially the frame tubing decals as those were really hard to find back then, much more so than now!

I bought, I think, 3 sets and was chafing at the price a little.. But as I walked around the Bike Show floor an hour or two later, my mind was churning and I realized that this was an opportunity that might not arise again, so I went back, blew most of my cash and bought a dozen more sheets or so, at a discounted rate I think...

Feeling a bit nervous at dropping all that $ on such a speculative commodity, I returned to browsing the Show. Within minutes I bumped into a few buddies and I told them about the old man & woman and their decals. Excitement soared again and I hot footedly lead them across the Show floor to the couples table. As we rounded the final corner, we saw a hub bub ahead and lo and behold, the old couple were being arrested! Some uniformed officers were gathering up the decal sheets and they took them and the couple away!

Later we heard they were charged with trademark infringement or whatever and the decals all destroyed!

Dale Brown