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Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 16:29:18 -0400
From: Jerry Moos <>
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Re: 3 speed english roadster
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Interesting bit of classic bike trivia: So dominant was Raleigh in certain parts of the former British empire, that in local usage, "Raleigh" and "bicycle" were synonymous. For example, in Hausa, the dominant language of northern Nigeria, the word for bicycle is "raji", their adaptation of "Raleigh". This dominance in the former empire was mostly based on single speed and three speed roadsters.


Jerry "former student of African politics and languages" Moos wrote:
> In a message dated 10/16/00 9:26:19 PM, writes:
> << Hi all. I'm looking for a men's 3 speed roadster (21" preferred) in very
> nice to excellent condition. If you've got one that you want to sell or
> know of someone who does please contact me off list.
> Thanks very much. Jon Cowden Ithaca, NY >>
> Jon,
> I sharing this with list members for comment (don't stone me please) or to
> satisfy the curious.
> We are big fans of the three speed roadsters. There are (debatably) four
> types that we sell. 26x1-3/8in wheel Raleigh's, 26x1-3/8in wheel other
> English, 26x1-3/8in wheel foreign brands, and 28x1-1/2in wheel three speeds
> (of various manufacture). I'm not sure if you have a preference. I have
> seen very few 21in frame 28in wheel Raleigh's. I see mostly 24in (Tres Grande
> with 28in wheels) and an occasional 22in. Others most certainly were made
> over the decades but are exceedingly rare.
> Some noted authorities consider the 28x1-1/2 in models the only true
> roadsters but I have been told since early childhood by cycling veterans and
> manufacturer's advertisements that the smaller wheel bikes are also marketed
> as roadsters as well. If they are styled and equipped the essentially the
> same they should be in the same class shouldn't they? What else would we call
> them except roadsters; three speeds maybe? Everyone is entitled to their
> opinion.
> Most sold in this country (and world wide I might ad) are Raleigh's. I
> personally think other makes are potentially more interesting however an
> overwhelming percentage of them were made by Raleigh as well.
> We usually get in lots of 26x1-3/8 in three speed machines regularly but I am
> sold out at present in 21 in frames. I will have some more in perhaps 30 days
> or so if you care to contact me. If something likely presents itself I'll try
> to contact you.
> Depending on you need we sell Pashley roadsters in all configurations new in
> appropriate sizes. Pashley's are well know for there excellent ride. The
> finish and detail are also much improved over older models as well. The bikes
> are updated (most of them) with full chaincases, mudguards racks, generator
> lighting, stainless spokes and alloy rims. In addition many use Sturmey
> Archer (subject to change while supply lasts) five speed sprinter hubs (a
> good one to boot with a much wider range than the AW 3 speed) and Brooks
> saddles. The exchange rate affects the price but it is good at the moment.
> I am pricing out a few bikes for a family at the moment and am pleased with
> the dollar.
> Let me know if I can be of help, good hunting.
> Gilbert Anderson
> The Bicycle Outfitter
> Raleigh, NC