Re: [Classicrendezvous] seeking a frame for a semi-heretical purpose ...

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Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 00:30:23 EDT
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] seeking a frame for a semi-heretical purpose ...

Greeting Russ and All,

I have your dream frame or bike for immediate sale. I tried to find one and I have several now because I'm better at buyin than sellin. Your dream bike is white with a subtle blue headtube and panel on the seattube Raleigh Gran Sport in 57cm c-t. The hanger is not even there for a clean presentation in the fixed configuration and the front and rear forks are 1/2 chromed. While I have parts for at least one the frames for a complete bike, the frames will be easier to price. Depending on condition they will all be in the $100 range more or less.

If this is not your ideal dream frame for fixed let me kwow as I probably have others.

Yours in Cycling,

Gilbert Anderson

Bicycle Outfitter 519 W. North St. Raleigh, NC 27603 voice:919/828-8999 toll free: 800/321-5511 email:

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<< It's time for me to do the list's equivalent of bottom-trawling at a

velo-swap. I'm wondering if any of our dear list members have what I'm

seeking. I know, it's the antithesis of loving restoration ... the ideal,

of course, is if one of you has this left over after buying it for its parts


I find I desire a fixed-gear again, and I have most of the parts needed for

such - but alas, I just don't have the right FRAME. And other bike projects

have pretty much swallowed my budget for a while to come. Still, there is


The ideal would be some cool, unspeakably cosmetically-challenged Mercian

with stamped dropouts, say, or a scarred,

not-worth-restoring-but-too-good-to-scrap Falcon ... you get the picture.

That old frameset you stuck behind the hot water heater, say, or that is

hanging at the back of the garage. The one you got just so you could have a

spare Campy NR rear derailleur, or couldn't resist the drilled-out shifter

levers. Maybe even the one you bought 'cause you felt sorry for it, but

have no idea of what to do with next. Maybe it's even one of those funky,

oxydized-looking purple Mercians ...

Something around the 57-60cm variety with a moderately high BB and no

shifter braze-ons would fill the bill. English threaded is preferred, as

the bits I have will work best with that. Brake reach and wheelbase aren't

all that big a deal to me - either touring or sporty frames will fit the

bill here. I have assorted bits I can trade, or if the price is right I'll

purchase it - but cheap is very, very good!


Russ Fitzgerald

Greenwood SC >>