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Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 00:54:26 EDT
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] New member introduction-Middlemore

Greetings Karl et all,

Middlemore was a competitore to Brooks in the same town (at the time) and made saddles for the early Moulton bicycles as well as many other fine makes. Brooks bought them in the mid to late 1970's ( Hillary Stone could make a clarification I am sure). The quality was fine though it seemed they manufactured a smaller model range and were a bit smaller in the 1970's than Brooks.

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Gilbert Anderson

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<< Anyway, the bikes that mean the most to me tend to be early-to-mid '70s lightweights, because that's when I got hooked on cycling. I still have the Viscount Aerospace Pro I bought used from a friend in 1977, though it's currently apart. Many of the original parts are long gone, but the 'death fork' is in a box in the attic somewhere :-). I wonder, if those things ever get collectable, whether a selling point would be that it has both forks (the original aluminum and the correct warrenty replacement). It's actually the only *nice* vintage bike in my stable. I've got a few dump rescues that are a long way from nice, but interesting anyway.

I've been poking through the archives... Someone asked who made the leather saddles on Viscounts; I have heard they were made by Middlemore, >>