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<< - Optional upon joining, but highly encouraged, is for new members to provide a little profile of themselves: what bikes they have or wished they have, other experiences relative to these bikes and a bit about who they are...(Check out the archives for info on the rest of us!) >>

As you can guess from the sig, I'm in the trade. I actually started riding on a 531 Carlton in 1981, moving onto an SL Viner, Super Record, Modolo Super Professional Brakes, 1A Stem and 66-44 bars, Suntour Superbe Track pedals with Alfredo Binda Extras in 1984 (my first paycheques from my fitting and welding apprenticeship put to use). Maressi shoes were something I still wished was around... Rims from Mavic (SSC Blues with Criteriums and GL330's with Criterium Seta's). I still have it, it's back in my native New Zealand where my mother keeps threatening to throw it out, I know she wouldn't, I'll rescue it from her in any case sometime soon. In 1985 I moved onto a Look 753R which I understand was built by Cycles Lejaune(sp) using Cinelli cast lugs, that is still the best steel frame I ever had, unfortunately in a race I went into the back of a car that wasn't meant to be around a blind corner on a 55mph descent... I keep thinking of getting Sachs to make me a 753 frame again, but then maybe I'm better left with the memory. I saw a NOS sample in a store in Zurich last year that was 1cm too small, or I would have come back with it... If I were to get a frame of that era now, it would be to have Gerald Donovan to make me a 753 Panasonic Team frame of 1984.

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FiR - As used by Kelme, individual and team winners of 2000 La Vuelta, mutiple Tour de France stage winners and the current World Cyclo Cross Champion Richard Groenendaal.

"Ask about the 2001 FiR wheel range, now available, featuring lower priced Antara's, new lighter weight and stronger Scalatore', our new range of wheels specifically built for Cyclo-Cross, wheel bags, and our new range of seperate hubs, made in Italy by TEC with weights from 355gm/pr!"