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<< Wow, What a great tale, Gilbert. Thanks for sharing it. I'm interested in the PBP ride in 2003 and wonder how on qualifies for the event. Any help would be appreciated.

Scott Smith >>


Depending on where you are it could be quite easy. The rules are generally as follows, subject to change. You must on the year of the event (sometimes two years) ride in sequence.

Speed is between 15 and 30 km per hour-9.1-18.2 mph (top speed rarely attained or enforced in the USA including all, I mean all breaks.

200km in 14 hours 300km in 20 hours 400km in 27 hours 600km in 40 hours.

I could go on but there are lighting requirements and while not obligatory mudguards are used by most experienced riders.

Randonnuers USA or RUSA has a web site. I have the URL somewhere but it comes up pretty easy under it's name or Paris Brest Paris in a search. I can help you with hard to find equipment for the event (something's are unbelievable). I intend to do the series in the spring as well.

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