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Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 09:48:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: "David Van Hook" <>
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] New member introduction
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Karl, I don't know if Viscounts are, or ever will be collectible, but I have four of them, two with aluminum forks and two without. The components are different on each. I bought my first one in 1976 and the others only recently. What I like about them most is that they they are relatively inexpensive right, now the frames are light, and I'm learning a lot just cleaning them up. Regards' Dave "yes, you really can smell the chocolate"
Van Hook
Hershey, PA

--- wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm not an entirely new member - I was subscribed
> for a little while
> earlier this summer, but couldn't keep up with the
> list volume, and
> signed off to go on vacation. Well, when I found I
> had some more time for
> email, the list was gone! I'm glad I found it again.
> Interestingly I
> recall thinking it was a shame Listbot didn't have
> some of the features
> Alex has here on bikelist, particularly the 'nomail'
> flag so I needn't
> bother Dale with resubscribing after vacation!
> Anyway, the bikes that mean the most to me tend to
> be early-to-mid '70s
> lightweights, because that's when I got hooked on
> cycling. I still have
> the Viscount Aerospace Pro I bought used from a
> friend in 1977, though
> it's currently apart. Many of the original parts are
> long gone, but the
> 'death fork' is in a box in the attic somewhere :-).
> I wonder, if those
> things ever get collectable, whether a selling point
> would be that it has
> both forks (the original aluminum and the correct
> warrenty replacement).
> It's actually the only *nice* vintage bike in my
> stable. I've got a few
> dump rescues that are a long way from nice, but
> interesting anyway.
> I've been poking through the archives... Someone
> asked who made the
> leather saddles on Viscounts; I have heard they were
> made by Middlemore,
> whoever that was. Larry Osborne mentioned a Waco
> biplane flying over
> Trexlertown; was it red? I have a photgraph of my
> brother posing with a
> red Waco biplane at the Kutztown airport where we
> stopped to watch
> airplanes on a ride a couple years ago, and it's a
> beauty. Probably the
> one you saw... I grew up near Reading and reading
> all this stuff about
> Trexlertown was making me homesick (and OLN keeps
> showing races and stuff
> in S.E. PA... I'll be watching the houses and
> countryside going by,
> thinking "that looks like Pennsylvania", and they'll
> go past a driveway
> with a Tastykake truck. I always stumble into those
> programs in the
> middle). I recall riding our ten-speeds at the
> velodrome when it was new,
> and open to the public most weekdays, and watching
> races there -
> something I never get to do now that I live 300
> miles away.
> Anyway, It's good to be here, and thanks to Dale and
> Alex for putting
> this all together!
> Karl Frantz
> Sterling, Massachusetts
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