[Classicrendezvous] Lambert/Viscount brakes

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Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 06:22:34 EDT
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Subject: [Classicrendezvous] Lambert/Viscount brakes

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<< Mine had Weinmann centerpulls when I got it, but I've always thought they were not original for some reason. Partly because they don't quite reach the rims (AVA tubulars)! They'd be OK for 27" clinchers, so maybe...? >>

Having sold and worked on those bikes when they were first introduced, I am certain that the original brakes on Lambert were not Weinmanns, relabeled or not, but Lambert marked and I would have guessed a GB product if anything.

While the cranks looked like TA, the finish was not as nice, and the seat posts could've been by Zeus, but they looked not quite the same, and the derailleurs looked Huretish, I think they were a lot different in many details... I think most of these components were indeed "farmed out" to various outside makers, mostly of the actual designs were "adaptations" of popular designs of that era. The pedals and stem for instance were unlike anything made to that point of time in the cycle industry. Eventually all the dedicated Lambert branded components (derailleur set, pedals, cranks, bar & stem, seat post, hubs & quick releases) disappeared entirely.

I do not know if you all are aware, but the first Lamberts were lugged, not filet brazed, and had adjustable cup & cone bottom brackets, not sealed. It was not until a year or more of production that the none taper, sealed "precision" bearing style emerged.

Dale Brown