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Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 05:51:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: "David Van Hook" <>
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Lambert/Viscount brakes
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Dale, I remember reading that somewhere...probably on one of Sheldon's sites. Since none of mine are lugged, that probably means my earliest which I thought was a 1972, probably isn't...maybe '73/'74. Dave Van Hook

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> << Mine had Weinmann centerpulls when I got it, but
> I've always thought they
> were not original for some reason. Partly because
> they don't quite reach
> the rims (AVA tubulars)! They'd be OK for 27"
> clinchers, so maybe...? >>
> Having sold and worked on those bikes when they were
> first introduced, I am
> certain that the original brakes on Lambert were not
> Weinmanns, relabeled or
> not, but Lambert marked and I would have guessed a
> GB product if anything.
> While the cranks looked like TA, the finish was not
> as nice, and the seat
> posts could've been by Zeus, but they looked not
> quite the same, and the
> derailleurs looked Huretish, I think they were a lot
> different in many
> details... I think most of these components were
> indeed "farmed out" to
> various outside makers, mostly of the actual designs
> were "adaptations" of
> popular designs of that era. The pedals and stem for
> instance were unlike
> anything made to that point of time in the cycle
> industry. Eventually all the
> dedicated Lambert branded components (derailleur
> set, pedals, cranks, bar &
> stem, seat post, hubs & quick releases) disappeared
> entirely.
> I do not know if you all are aware, but the first
> Lamberts were lugged, not
> filet brazed, and had adjustable cup & cone bottom
> brackets, not sealed. It
> was not until a year or more of production that the
> none taper, sealed
> "precision" bearing style emerged.
> Dale Brown
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