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Subject: RE:Re: [Classicrendezvous] Vicini Questions
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 17:19:03

Hi Roy

Thank you for the tips for Vicini pic.

My bike is red metallic and have lot of crome. The swedish dealer for 15 years ago was/is my LBS, and he had in this time lot of frame hanging in the shop.

He told me my frame (I bought it seconhand by him, in 1986) was custom made for the former owner, the bike has 2 brazeons waterbottle and hanger for the front der.

When I bought the bike, I also at same time bought Campa waterbottle (2x) and Red/White Bio Turbo saddle.

But know it needs to be repainted.

I havn't put any pictures on my website yet, but I have some pictures on my Heron Touring, and my former racing bike I had (Chesini SL).


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-----Ursprungligt meddelande----- Hi Jan-Olav:

Welcome to Classic Rendezvous! There was a Vicini on ebay a few months ago. Dale Brown at Cycles de Oro shipped it for the seller, and took some pictures for the Classic Rendezvous website. No information, but nice pictures.

There is also a Vicini listed at Bicycle Trader Classifieds with a photo:

I really like these bikes, wish I could find a frameset in my size, 54-56 cm in orange & chrome.

Roy H. Drinkwater
Lititz, PA