Re: [Classicrendezvous] "randonneur"?

(Example: Racing:Jacques Boyer)

Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 11:03:19 -0400
From: Jerry Moos <>
To: "Roy H. Drinkwater" <>
CC: classic list <>
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] "randonneur"?
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I thought at least one member of our list had done PBP, but the website list of American participants in the 1999 event didn't list any list members I recognized (maybe I overlooked a name or they were in the 1995 event instead or maybe it was a British, Canadian or Japanese member). It did contain two familiar names, though - Lon Haldeman and Susan Notorangelo.


Jerry "considering mounting fenders on eyelets of one of my older road bikes to create an Audax machine" Moos

Roy H. Drinkwater wrote:
> on 10/21/00 9:24, wrote:
> > Randonnuers USA or RUSA has a web site. I have the URL somewhere
> This is something I was looking for. Well written web site, with the
> FAQ explaining the difference between Randonnuer and Audex, and the
> pronunciation of brevet ("bra-vay").
> Now if I could only pronounce "randonneur"?
> Roy Drinkwater (whose wife punches him every time he tries to speak French")
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