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From: "Stockwell, Brad" <>
Subject: RE: [Classicrendezvous] 3-pin Campagnolo?
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 10:07:24 -0700

Regarding Three-Pin Campagnolo Crank:

There is a picture of (what at least appears to be) a 3-pin Campy cotterless crank on a picture of one of Fausto Coppi's bikes in the March '99 issue of Cycle Sport, page 29, upper right - below Gimondi's bike.

The article is on the 'greatest bikes of all time', Bianchi having been voted the winner due to the then-current victories of Pantani as well as past performance with those other two famous italian bianchi guys...

This bike of Fausto's has the Bianchi integral headset, and a cinelli stem, and campy sidepulls.

The crank appears to have a pair of alloy chainrings bolted together as a subassembly, with a second bolt attaching the ring assembly to each of the 3 crankarm pins.

There was such a 3-pin steel cotterless crank on Ebay within the last year or so - I almost went for it because my drive-side NR crank arm had just broken at the pedal hanger and as I recovered from my wounds I was wondering if maybe steel would be more trustworthy.

Brad Stockwell Palo Alto

PS: the other honorable mentions in Cycle-Sport's best bike roundup included Colnago, Pinarello, Gitane, Peugeot, Raleigh, Falcon, De Rosa, Splendor, Litespeed and Cannondale!

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The only Campy cotterless 3-arm crank I know of is a 3-pin version of the Grand Sport found on the Raleigh Competition GS in the late 70's or early 80's, but perhaps Chuck Schmidt, he of the Campy timeline, knows of another.


Jerry Moos

Olof Stroh wrote:

> Newbie to the list I will come back with a short - very short - introduction. > Found this list when I posted to questions to the bob list and was directed > hither. First one - made actual by the ongoing Campa crank thread - is: > > Rummaging a small Stockholm bikeshop couple of weeks ago I found > some peculiar Campagnolo cranksets. They look in style like old > Nouvo Record, fluted and milled, but with three pins to hold the > chain-wheels instead of five and stamped with Campagnolo Strada > on the backside. Two sets were just 150mms ( and hadnĀ“t my > children bee too old they would have got something very cute ) > with double chain-wheels, 45x38 and 42x36: these had normal > NR bolts. Two were 170mms for singles, one - that I bought > cheap - with just a 36(!)chainwheel, one with an adapter for a double, > those had non-countersunk bolts. Bcd - as I measured with a ruler - > is 115mm except those on the adapter who are bigger, but still 3-pin. > > What is this? Someone knowledgeable, please explain. > > Dangerous thing, bike shops. > > Olof Stroh > Uppsala Sweden > > --- StripMime Report -- processed MIME parts --- > multipart/alternative > text/plain (text body -- kept) > text/html > --- > > _______________________________________________ > Classicrendezvous mailing list > >

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