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From: <dcheung@spl.usace.army.mil>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 10:15:36 -0700
Subject: [Classicrendezvous] New list member

Hello all,

I'm a new list member and am just looking to gain some knowledge in older bikes and old racing tidbits in general. I'm currently trying to build a Merckx Molteni replica with an SR group. Don't know much about old Campy stuff since I didn't start riding til '90, so I've got a bunch of questions.

So far, what I've got:

- Merckx Corsa, SL tubing in Molteni colors. I believe it is an early '90s replica, so I'm pretty sure it is spaced 130mm in back, recessed brake holes, short reach, etc. like most modern-type bikes.

- Campy SR f&r derailleurs, recessed short reach brakes, NOS drilled levers, and ITA BB. All of it is in really good condition, but the upper limit screw is slightly bent on the rear d. Anybody got a spare? How rebuildable are the front d., as in putting on new cage plates, etc.?

- Just got a nice NR headset, looks to be steel. How do you prevent the chrome from getting all messed up? Was SR alloy?

- I have 165mm SR cranks that I initially got to build this as a retro fixed project (cheaper), but have since decided to splurge and make it a 12sp and got the above stuff. I also have some 170mm cranks that are users, but the drive side is a non-fluted and the left arm is a fluted. Where did the non-fluted cranks come from? Where they right before C-Record?

- I'm in the process of getting wheels, and was gonna put a 6sp freewheel on some wheels spaced 126mm and then just putting them in the frame. Since the frame is steel, I figured it would be ok, but does anybody have any suggestions as to how to work around this?