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Jerry Moos wrote:
>I have a similar question, which Sheldon can certainly answer, but others
>may also know. Was the Swallow made up until the shutdown? Sheldon had
>them on his site, but I didn't find them offered by any other vendors.
>Were Sheldon's NOS? Also, is the Swallow technically a variation of the B-17? (I think I remember hearing references to a "B-17 Swallow")

In the 1960s, there were both B15 and B17 Swallows, and lots of other models that no longer exist. Some time in the late'60s, I believe, there was a fire at Brooks, which put them out of action for quite a while.

When they got back up on their feet, it was with a much reduced product line. They gave up on their extensive line of touring bags, leaving that market to Carradice and others. The Swallow was one of the models that was discontinued at that time, and I think the whole B15 line went out then as well.

The prices of used Swallows got so high (I've heard of Japanese collectors paying as much as $400 for them) that they were prevailed upon to re-introduce the model sometime in the mid '90s. I think Mike Kone may have had something to do with this. The recent Swallows have no reference to B17/B15.

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