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Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 14:32:59 -0400
From: Jerry Moos <>
To: Jonathan Cowden <>
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] (no subject)
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Sounds like B.S. to me. My 1978 Motobecane Team Chanpion has Huret DOs and a Simplex SLJ rear derailleur works just fine. The DO derailleur hanger also has a notch like a Campy DO, so I'm pretty sure a Campy or any modern dreailleur would work also, not surprising as Team Champions normally came with Campy NR/SR. Either your shop guys don't know what they're talking about or the Raleigh has a completely different Huret DO than my Motobecane (I have a circa 1980 Bertin and an early 70's Mercier with the same type Huret DO as the Motobecane). Anyone know what the shop guys are talking about?


Jerry Moos

Jonathan Cowden wrote:
> Hi all. I recently got my Raleigh Super Tourer back from the bike shop.
> They told me that my "bike from hell" -- their words, not mine -- has
> Huret specific drop-outs and that nothing but a Huret would work unless a
> new drop-out were installed. Is this true? If so, does anyone know where
> I can find a Huret triple which will work with my bike? I happen to like
> my two-wheeled spawn from Satan but my commute home (all up-hill) would be a
> little easier if I had some granny gears to access.


> Jon Cowden

> Ithaca, NY