Re: [Classicrendezvous] A big bunch of Cycling Plus articles

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Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 14:13:41 -0400
From: Jerry & Liz Moos <>
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] A big bunch of Cycling Plus articles
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Dale, when I try to Save As.. Netscape tries to save it as HTML, not JPG. How do I save it as a JPG?


Jerry Moos wrote:
> Hey gang:
> I just finished up loading a big batch.. Almost all the vintage articles that
> I liked from the last three years or so of Cycling Plus magazine. Included
> are:
> Cinelli, Raleigh RRA and Lenton, Bates, New Bates vs old Bates, New Hetchins
> vs old Hetchins, 3 restoration articles, Paris, Thanet, Flying Gate, Applying
> decals, Lambert, Claude Butler SWB Tandem, Ephgrave, Moulton ... I haven't
> found the Hetchins piece by Ray Etherton but that will come yet...
> Again a special thanks to Hilary Stone, Paul Vincent and Roger St. Pierre.
> And I urge you all to subscribe to Cycling Plus.
> I picked JPEG files because they are a third the size of an Acrobat reader or
> BMP.. They are a bit fuzzy but I think useable.. You should be able to read
> the text and see the bikes if you go to the largest size (see below)
> Here's instructions to best access the pages. (Skip this if you already savvy
> in these things... I think the newbies will appreciate it.. I know I would
> have!) )
> First, you might wait and use the highest powered computer and web access you
> can. I think these files would take forever on a 28K modem! One CR reader
> waits and does it at work!
> 1.) Go to my dedicated photo album in PhotoPoint:
> 2.) You will notice that the title of each image comes up if you linger over
> that picture.. Note that some are labeled page 1, page 2 etc.
> 3.) If you click on the small pictures that will bring up a larger version...
> 4.) Click AGAIN on the image and you will get the BIG full size version. This
> allows you to actually read the text...
> 5.) If you want to copy that file to your hard drive and then be able to make
> scaled-to-a-page prints, wait until the picture is fully loaded and then
> right click on the image and then you will see a "save picture as..." command.
> I hope that helps someone!