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Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 14:31:31 EST
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Molteni Merckx Replica;Was New list member

Greetings Mr Lee Burg and all,

I sell custom Merckx's. Brazon's top tube, etc., to order. They have even been spec'ed with mudguards; WOW! Then again I've seen pictures of Merckx and Hinalt riding bikes with mudguards in winter. Chrome is also still possible if you like though circumstances change. Put down your dream bike on paper and we can get a quote. They don't cost much more than the regular frames especially with older tubing.

Yours in Cycling,

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As the guy at Gita put it, Merckx is easy ; they'll do anything they can within reason. I spec'd SLX (SL no longer available),126 rear, Italian BB, top of BB cable guides, etc. In other words, old style. I did not spec frame angle, top tube length, etc., but I think they would have accomodated me. The order took three months, and the frame came exactly as ordered, including touch up paint and an extra set of decals I requested. They would not do a painted to match pump. I've seen custom frames with Eddy's signature under the clear coat. I was also able to get Mavic OR 10 rims, which I understand Eddy rode, through Renaissance Cycles. I put on all NR/SR. << Josh,

How did you go about specifying exactly what you wanted? Does Merckx have a custom "program" of some sort?

Lee Berg
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