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Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 17:13:56 -0400
From: Jerry Moos <>
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Brooks !
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I too am guessing that Brooks sales were making a modest comeback, at least in the US. And I think the proper marketing approach by a new owner could tap a significant niche market for continued Brooks sales, namely the upscale middle age or thirty-something buyer or those who fancy themselves upscale. The use of natural materials, be it leather upholsterly and walnut accents in that Lexus, Mercedes or Lincoln or the leather jackets and 100% wool sweaters from the L.L. Bean catalog (have to plead guilty personally on that last one) have a strong appeal in the upscale market and beyond. The 22 year old Cat 1 racer probably won't ever buy Brooks because of weight, but a lot of $4000 race bikes are bought by people with good incomes but no serious racing aspirations and those guys might be conviced to buy Brooks based on superior quality in every aspect except weight. Leather seats probably add to the weight of a Ferrari, too, but you can bet the buyers demand them.


Jerry Moos wrote:
> Quoting
> > Bob,
> ............. No doubt they are
> > calculating this upward trend will continue not understanding that all
> > iBobs
> > and fellow travelers have stockpiled a lifetime supply of Brooks B17's
> > and
> > Team Pro's.
> >
> > So by buying up all available inventory in a virtual hoarding frenzy
> > we may have been the impetus to the preservation of Brooks saddles for
> > future generations of Retro Grouches.
> or will Brooks sales be near zero for decades, as we slowly use up our
> stockpiled saddles???
> What has the sales trend for Brooks been over the last 5 years or so? My
> impression was that the popularity and sales were increasing, as evidenced by a
> few models of Brooks being listed in the Performance catalog. No doubt that
> Rivendell has helped, as well as the fear of damaging the male reproductive
> equipment by riding on skinny saddles.
> My theory is that if/when Brooks comes back, we Brooks fans will be able to loan
> out some of our spare saddles, and convert some of our buddies who continually
> buy new saddles in the search for something comfortable. Goodness knows that
> I've got a wide variety that could be loaned out (but no one is getting the
> Champion Special!).


> Steve Kurt

> Peoria, IL