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From: "Jill DiMauro" <>
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Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] trexlertown - belated
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 19:32:47 -0400

I am writing in Larry Osborn for PRESIDENT! If humor is a sign of intellegence, as they say, he is one brilliant person! I'm still laughing!

Jill DiMauro

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From: Larry Osborn
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Subject: [Classicrendezvous] trexlertown - belated

> Greetings swappers:
> Well, it was certainly all a blur, again. And I was repeatedly unable to
> make good decisions on stuff I probably needed. Sleep deprivation,
> compounded by plumeting blood sugar levels lead to some strange behavior.
> Most embarrassing acquisition was a new White Industries bottom bracket
> with adjustable chainline that I found in a junk box during late late
> afternoon bottom feeding. Definitely not vintage, and definitely outside my
> realm of experience, but I can learn, I can change, if I have to. The
> spindle length was long enough that I figured it might work for one of my
> triple crank road bike conversion projects. It also fell under bottom
> feeding Rule #7 ("There is no Rule #6"), it was cheap enough that I could
> afford to be wrong. However, last night I noticed that the "adjustable"
> side cup had not been drilled to permit access to the set-screws that
> position the spindle. OOOOoooops! Yeah, I know, I expect a lot for my $10.
> A few minutes with the appropriate implements of destruction will solve
> that little problem. Eventually I also noticed that it was all nerf-metals.
> Aluminum cups, a hollow Ti spindle and Ti bolts. OOOooops! I accidentally
> stepped in "the 90s"! At least I didn't have to scrape it off the bottom of
> my shoes. Just difficult to imagine anything sillier than Ti parts on any
> of the old steel heaps I ride, loaded as they usually are with an extra 10+
> pounds of "survival essentials". If anybody notices I'll just say it's the
> cheaper White bb with the steel spindle.
> Fortunately, other group members had the energy to write reports soon after
> they got home, while I frittered away my remaining energy going for a ride
> Sunday. So having finally caught up a little on sleep and calories, I'll
> just add some random observations. Admittedly not a contribution to our
> knowledge of vintage bikes, but maybe a little more insight into the
> personalities of some of our fellow gang members, and a slightly "altered
> state" view of the swap.
> The "Golden shopping basket" award goes to Chris Beyer for repeatedly
> finding interesting little Suntour items and other stuff that I and others
> must have walked right past without seeing. An all day smile on his face
> like a kid with new toys on Christmas morning.
> The "Bandito's Bandolero" award goes to Tom Witkop for again wandering
> around with a wheel-less mountainbike frame slung over his shoulder. This
> is the third one this year that I'm aware of, none of them his size. A
> fashion statement? Christmas tree ornaments? I'm not sure I really want to
> know.
> The "Blindingly cheerful smile" award again goes to Jill. Fortunately, when
> our paths crossed I had almost adjusted to full sunlight, and was standing
> safely behind my vintage heavyweight Ray-Bans. Nobody should be that
> cheerful and manic, without medication. Okay, it was her first trip to
> T-town, and she did have her "new" Paramount in her hands, so she had
> reasons to be cheerful and manic.
> A coupon for one free visit to the chiropractor of his choice goes to the
> unknown man who purchased a storage bin full of assorted cassettes and
> cogs for $5 (I was jealous, but need freewheels), but then had to carry
> them around in his backpack. "Sufferin' sciatica!"
> Strangest announcement on the public address system - "If the person who
> just purchased the DeBernardi (or whatever it was, if I've remembered
> incorrectly) is still here, the previous owner has changed his mind and
> would like to buy it back from you. For more than HIS selling price." The
> Homer Simpson - "DOH!" award goes to the previous owner/seller/new-new(?)
> owner. And if necessary, a coupon for one free session with the marriage
> counselor of HIS choice. Maybe I'm just a bit cynical
> (WHAAAAAAA-haaaaaa-haaaa-haa) but I would bet big money that there was some
> sort of ultimatum from the spousal unit involved in that little episode.
> The "You Miserable ****ing Piece-o-####!" award goes to the on-site cash
> machine, which was non-functional and/or empty for much of the day. There
> were some very frustrated, cash poor potential buyers early in the day, and
> many expletives were hurled it's way. I just love to watch people
> interfacing with technology.
> The "Head in the clouds award" goes to me for spending way, WAY too much
> time watching and listening to the 30s vintage radial engined, open cockpit
> Waco biplane (Travel-Air maybe? Not sure) that repeatedly rumbled by
> overhead. Ahhhhh. THAT'S music. Also repeatedly distracted by everthing
> else going on around me (obviously), and a vendor's border collie. So many
> interesting diversions. It's more than a swap meet. It's sensory overload.
> I gotta come down outta the hills more often.
> Not the best swap from a vintage standpoint, but lots of stuff to play
> with, good company, and great entertainment. My condolences to everyone
> within reach of T-town (except the guy flying the Waco/?) who had to be
> home watching football, or visiting Fallingwater (JERRY! It's been there
> for 50+ years. You couldn't pick another weekend?), or had to be anywhere
> else, doing anything else. Be there! Aloha.
> See ya'll at Westminster
> Larry "still technically Ti-free unless I actually install that ****ing

> Osborn