Re: [Classicrendezvous] All ads should have asking prices right?

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Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 23:52:01 EDT
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] All ads should have asking prices right?

Greetings Brian and all,

Please reference below,

Is it a policy to state prices on ads? We need to define the ad of course but I think I am guilty. I saw a member that had a potential want for a 61-62 cm frame, and I had one in a (similar to below coincidentally) Raleigh Pro. Without serious interest and before I had evaluated it's condition or value I posted it's availability and to my surprise within a few hours I had four inquiry's of interest. The questions were the usual, size, how measured, top tube length, color, condition of chrome, paint, decals and finally price. The bike was a recent trade and a large slow moving size (for me) and had not been priced or catalogued. I knew I didn't have must invested but I was not sure of my cost (I have over 10,000 items in the store) and with interest noted I took the time to research the cost and the condition and E-mailed all respondents with the cost and shipping. I just said cheap in my offer and $100 (frameset) was the final price and I think that was fair for just the fork if you needed one. It sold within hours: I mean like who needs E-bay with you sharks!

But the (sorry Peter) "unreasonable offers discarded" with no reference price from a buyer that was unsure of the value to begin with on an unseen item sounds; with non original parts and just a basic description is a hard way to buy and understandably frustrating to someone that wants a bike of this type and size. Value is always in the eye of the beholder no matter who is buying or selling, non? If the item were of serious interest to me I would have inquired on the above points but if I felt the price was fair I would have perhaps have been a very motivated inquirer with subsequent cash offers!

To be fair to Peter it sounds like he is trying to fairly represent he Raleigh below and get a fair price for the seller but the wording was maybe a bit awkward and strange to some on the list (me self included mate). I look forward to his offer on the chrome Somec mentioned earlier by him, eh, eh!

my 74ยข Gilbert" light one Raleigh Pro Frame; 260,223 items to go, 9,999 SKU's still to delete" Anderson

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<< There has been a rash of ads without prices this week, don't we have a policy to state the price? I find the statement Unreasonable offers will be discarded Distasteful. Why not ask a reasonable neogotiable price. Brian Blum

- From: "Peter" <> To: <> Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 21:48:59 -0400 Subject: [Classicrendezvous] Re:FS: 1975 Raleigh Professional

FOR SALE 1975 Raleigh Professional Mink Blue and Silver. 53cm c-c, 56 TT. Has beenridden for a number of years. Has a Dura Ace Front Derailleur,(firstgeneration), A set of replacement wheels(non Campy hubs) on clincher rims. I only got a quick look at it. All the other equipment is original and in good condition albeit a little dirty. The frameset itself is in fair to good condition. It also has a set of Campag. #1037/A Road pedals on it. The woman that owns it wants to sell it but isn't sure of the current value. She wanted to use it as a Tri bike, but I convinced her that, that would be a gross mistake and that she is better off selling it. Reasonable offers willbe considered. Unreasonable offers will be discarded.

I will have a picture of it in a day or so .

Peter Koskinen
Mayo, Md >>