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Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Czechoslovakian Bike
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 18:47:13 -0400

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> Hello Folks,
> Stacey Baker from Virginia. Anyone ever heard of a
> bike called 'Favorite'? I bought it new in the fall
> of 1973, (another story), it was made in
> Czechoslovakia, all Campy NR except for brakes and
> pedals, (another story). The rear derailler is dated
> '72. The frame, while very nicely done lugwork with
> wrap around seat stays, is unknown as far as the
> tubing is concerned. No name on the dropouts. About
> twelve years ago, in reply to my inquiry, no less a
> personage than Fred DeLong at Bicycling also said he
> had no idea as to the tubing, but he suspected
> Columbus. If anyone has seen a bike similar to this
> one, or has any info, would love to hear it. I still
> ride it, in the late eighties did some racing, and
> still stubbornly stick to my Brooks Pro saddle (small
> rivets)!! Thanks for your help.


> stacey