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Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000 19:40:29 EST
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] More on Gipiemme...

Mark- Wow, that is quite the impressive treatise on GPM. If nothing else, its the most detailed I have ever heard. Thank you very much. I do have one item that you didn't touch on, but wish you would. A couple of years ago, Grant Peterson sold a bunch of GPM braze-on front derailluers. I still have one. At the time, I was told that they were made by MAVIC, and for all intents and purposes, they look exactly like a Mavic SSC front derailluer. Question: Were these really made by Mavic and by who, if not? Did these come with a matching rear derailluer and if so, what did they look like? I haven't been able to get a decent answer, can you help? Cheers, Dave Anderson

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> > For what it is worth, Gipiemme got their start in the business as a
> > contract maker of parts for Campagnolo.....something that Campagnolo
> > vehemently denied...Hovever, back in the 80's, I got a Super Record
> > crankset, new in the box, that I believe never to have been touched by
> > non-Italian hands until mine, that had one chainring bolt labelled
> > "Gipiemme" instead of be the judge....
> > Steve Spielman
> >
> GPM (the original name, Gipiemme is actually how an Italian pronounces the
> letters GPM as a word like NATO is used here and became a trademarked name
> much later) Generali Meccanista Pappalardo is the words from which the
> initials GPM was taken, actually got their start earlier than as a producer
> for Campagnolo. While they have produced parts for Campagnolo and Columbus
> (dropouts and frame fittings) they were a general machine shop with an
> interest (I believe 30% share) in a forging plant north of Milan that used to
> make parts for pre war (First World War) Bianchi's used by the Italian
> Military amongst other things. I have a blueprint of a forged brake lever
> from 24-11-30 given to me as a momento by the manager of the factory that was
> giving them to anyone that wanted them, he had piles of them sitting there
> and couldn't throw them out because of the chemicals used to produce such
> prints and the ecology laws now in place in Italy. That forging plant is
> still part owned by the Pappalardo family, who after selling GPM, later
> formed Tecnociclo, who produce dropouts and other frame parts under their own
> name, plus other parts for companies like Deda. Gipiemme is now owned by Isca
> spa, who are of course producers of Iscaselle saddles. While there are still
> some parts available, the production now under the Gipiemme name (saddles,
> rims and wheels) has no resemblence to the groups used by teams like Iproxan
> (who became Carrera) and riders of the stature of Giovanni Battaglin when he
> won his tours. The hubs are no longer even made in house, being farmed out to
> DT (who don't produce the hub components themselves) and Miche. Rims and
> saddles sold under the Gipiemme name are made in the factory in Loria, not
> far away from Selle San Marco, Modolo, Campagnolo and other suppliers of
> bicycle parts.
> The groups had Simplex made derailleurs, Modolo and Universal made brakes,
> Everest freewheels, and I believe every other part was made in house. Mario
> Pappalardo (son of the founder of GPM) keeps on his desk at Tecnociclo a
> mounted machined crank from those days, and in keeping with the spirit of his
> father will produce anything anyone wants fabricated, especially if it's a
> bicycle component.
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