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Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 13:43:56 EST
Subject: Re: RE: [Classicrendezvous] Audax & Generator Bosses

My Herse, a full ranndonnuer model with a twist (No one upmanship just information Mark) for cyclo camping and demontable take apart feature (I could only afford one bike and I wanted three) has a generator with battery backup, the preferred setup for all night rides in my humble opinion.

The generator is a BB mounted Sanyo with hidden or internal wiring to a fender generator lamp( clean and out of the way of baggage) and forward through the frame and take apart joint up to a spring loaded carbon brush in the steerer tube, (follow me here) down the inside of the steerer tube through the fender forward up through the front handlebar bag fender reinforcement bolt that is brazed onto the front section of the front rack, then rearwards through the rack toward the left side to a piece of tubing that flows in a curve forward with a lamp on the end of it. The wire goes strait into the back of the lamp through a bolt to hard wired connection with no visible wires. The lamp is on the left side for this generator arr angement. On the right is a custom modified JPR flashlight that bolts to an adjustable bracket that clamps very cleanly to the front bag support rack. On the Rear lower left chainstay a Berac square D cell lamp is bolted to a boss brazed vertically below the pannier area. One trick I neglected was a shifter with internal cable to turn the generator on.

Children, don't try this a home. But Brian, Richard or one of you guys want to take it on with a new one let me know and I'll try to be informative.

Gilbert" There is nothing like the thrill of the sun coming up on an all night ride " Anderson

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<< My Singer, a full randonneur model, has the headlite, generator, and rear

lamp all on the left side. As Doug says, the headlite is mounted on the

front rack and tilted slightly down.

The bottle generators are not as nice (my opinion) as the Soubitez generator

that mounts behind the BB.

Do the french STILL drive on the right? >>