Re: [ClassicRendezvous] Prices paid/Ripped Off

From: "Tony Zanussi" <>
Subject: Re: [ClassicRendezvous] Prices paid/Ripped Off
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 17:53:42 EST

For anybody who has never been there, I will say Japan is extremely expensive, and they bring home large sums compared to the US, and especially compared to the majority of other countries.

As far as the French parts are concerned, that is their niche over there, and they have "reasonable" means to pay the prices they command on Ebay. They do not bat a lash at the prices, in my opinion. Go there and visit, and you will see. A truly beautiful place full of customs, courtesies and harmony, but still extremely expensive compared to our standards.

I recently listed and sold some nice parts on BOB, and realize now that I should maybe have gone the Ebay route. Some were French parts. I also will say I was taken on a $15 item from some member, who recieved the item by mistake and will not admit it! I am human, and it should have been in another box to another member! Guess what, nobody has owned up to it. Part is gone. A snake in the grass lurks amongst the BOB's, so beware. From now on I just might relegate myself to using Ebay to see what I can get for future parts. At least I have some type of recourse should I get screwed. The worst part was that I felt the parts would be best sold to BOB's and stay in the US, but now I don't give a damn! I guess I need to watch my left flank!

Tony "Pissed Still" Zanussi

P.S.: I know the 3 Classic Rendezvousers I dealt with when I sold items to them after my posting (Over the last 2.5 years and have dealt with them before). I trust those guys. BOB is a much bigger group. Sorry, but I know it transpired from a BOB sale.

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I would like to add something to Harvey's observations about the prices which some overseas collectors may be willing to pay for classic cycling merchandise. It may be that they are "overvaluing" these goods. On the other hand, it may be that they have a considerably larger savings account to tap and are therefore more inelastic to moderate price fluctuations than some Americans might be.

My two cents. (Figuratively, of course. The real money is tied up in my credit cards).

Jon Cowden Ithaca, NY

On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, Harvey M Sachs wrote:

> Lads & Lassies -
   > There have been a couple of interesting thoughts expressed in the responses
   > so far, so I want to put in my 2c.
   > 1) I'm really glad there are serious collectors, and I don't care
   > where. Yes, it means that some stuff that I want I can't justify buying ,
   > but high prices most likely mean that the things will be treated seriously,
   > and not just tossed into the boxes (where I find them). This is the best
   > possible assurance that examples will survive.
   > 2) There are questions about why collectors in Japan are willing to pay
   > premium prices on EBay. Let's start with the assumption that it's true,
   > which we can't know, because we don't really know the flow from European
   > and US sources to our esteemed counterparts in Japan. If it is true, it
   > just brings out again what is obvious to everyone, except perhaps Orthodox
   > Economists: Markets aren't perfect. Not only do different things have
   > different values to different folks, but "barriers" like trust and
   > knowledge come into play, too. Not to mention language issues.
   > So, I'll remain more grateful that the items are being valued than rueful
   > that they aren't in my tender mercies...
   > harvey sachs
   > who makes his living helping emerging energy efficient technologies enter
   > the market by overcoming barriers.
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