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Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 03:15:01 EST
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Swiss bikes and stems

Boys Boys Boys,

French headsets (and steering tubes) are too small for safe installation of 22.2mm stems. As I recall someone suffering from an anal, cranial inversion wanted the French steerer (22.0mm) inner steer tube of his bike to be enlarged to 22.2mm. As I recall over half of the metal would have to be removed-you must remember back in bike school we were taught that French (22.0mm inside) steerer tubes are smaller on the outside as well. They don't have as much metal after the removal of .2mm as you might think.

The numbers escape me but I'm sure my good pal Jobst Brandt would have an opinion on the subject or you can look up the nitty gritty details in your bike shop's bathroom copy of Sutherland's when you visit over the weekend.

I say having the surprise of once breaking off a steerer tube of normal dimensions and discovering the delights of human flight that reducing this safety (?) margin by more than half would be dangerous and foolhardy.

I feel that the Swiss bike mentioned (often they use French fittings) has A) not a French headset, B) A French headset and a French Stem, C) a modified 22.2 to 22.0 stem, D) A mangled steerer tube with 22.2 stem inserted (common), E) A cleverly modified death steer tube with a poor guarantee, or F) this bike features Alien intervention.

All kidding aside. Of course these things have all been carefully measured with precision tools by competent list members and all facts noted in Dales Brown's Great Book of facts so my guess is "F", " alien intervention".

ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! ......>>.>>>>>......>>>>> Just in from CBS news, Jobst Brandt has called in his read on this subject and is weighing in his opinion. Here we go. Jobst has declared Pat Buchannan the winner in a landslide of the Presidential Race. It seems he has discovered through engineering excellence, protocol and ignoring the facts that the whole Bush-Gore-Nader thing was run by Alien impostors with mind control capability and Pat being the only US citizen left standing in the race, Pat wins by default. On a side note Jobst agrees with Gilbert on the Alien side plot to seed classic cyclists with Swiss bikes with the dual whammy of French headsets with ISO(22.2mm) steerers. Improbable but true.

Gilbert"where is the broom wagon in this election"Anderson

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<< Yes, a Mondia I used to own which was 22.0. I owned the bike in the early 70's, it was probably made between 1967 and 1970. David feldman ----------
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>For those who may run across an old Swiss bike, I measured my 1969
>Allegro Special and found that Joe was right - even Swiss bikes with
>French HSs have 22.2mm stems. At least this is true for two of his
>bikes and one of mine. Does anyone has an example that contradicts



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