Re: [Classicrendezvous] Identify Bianchi?

Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 17:07:26 EST
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Identify Bianchi?

I have a 1989 Bianchi Mondiale Serial # 9919 and 9 A on the bottom bracket. As far as I can tell from several Bianchis of that era, the single number refers to the year 198x, so that 9 is 1989. I think the letter refers to a period (month?) of the year the frame was manufactured.

The Mondiale was made of SLX and was almost top of the line with a Campagnolo Croce d'Aune groupset with one or two cheaper substitutions (like brake levers). I believe the Giro was a slightly cheaper model with possibly Athena components, but basically the same frame.

The Mondiale was made in the Reparto Corse and had chromium plated RH chainstay and Gipiemme dropouts. It had a braze-on front derailleur bracket. I think that year, only the Reparto Corse frames had the eagles and name Bianchi on the fork crown. Their better frames in previous years also had Bianchi engraved on the top of the seat stays, but mine has cheap stickers instead.

My frame is celeste-colored, but they were available in other colors and. if purchased as a frame only could have been fitted with any components. The Croce d'Aune goupset is identified by its Record-like Delta brake callipers, but with external return springs, and a weird and wonderful rear derailleur that was even more expensive than the contemporary Record changer.

I think I paid about Canadian $1,500 for mine, about US$1,000, at an end-of-season sale, so the list price would have been a bit higher.

The most remarkable feature of my Mondiale is that it is a load of rubbish. It was not well-aligned, displays bad workmanship, suffers from speed-wobble and the finish has deteriorated badly in spite of reasonable care and not very much use. In spite of all that, I still have it.

I don't believe these bikes are of great historic value, but were quite good in their day. If you have Athena components, they are OK but a bit heavy and rather entry-level-racing. If yours rides decently, it is probably a good bike to keep if you can keep the rust at bay. I have always liked Bianchis, in spite of their dubious quality, and am only now going to part with my Mondiale because I have a new Bianchi in my stable.

Hugh Thornton

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<< I recently purchased an old Bianchi - Giro circa 1987-88? Made in Italy decal. It has flat black/primer paint on frame and fork with Bianchi Green Name (down/seat tubes) and green eagle on sloping fork crowns. Frame is made with Columbus SLX tubes and component gruppo is composed of a mixture of Campagnolo (1984-90 - not marked as to what it is). Serial # 7614 and another mark 9 A on bottom bracket. Can you give me any background/history/price when new? Ride this bike everyday. Does it have any historical value?

Thanks for any info you may have.

William T. Dawson >>