[Classicrendezvous] Holdsworth Team Bikes

Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 13:09:35 -0500
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Subject: [Classicrendezvous] Holdsworth Team Bikes
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I believe the shortest 1R was 95mm.

Greg Parker

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RE: [Classicrendezvous] Holdsworth Team Bikes

Trying to collect parts for a Team model Holdsworth very similar to the "1979" team bikes shown on the CR site, which Ken advises are actually 1978 or earlier. Ken advises a 1978 would have used "new" logo Cinelli mod 66 "Campione" bars and 1R stem. I know that for the Cinelli mod 64 Giro there was an "intermediate" logo with a less elaborate logo (looks like moon and a star), between the old logo and the newest one which has no real logo, just Cinelli engraved on both sides, with the model name and number on one side. Was there an "intermediate" logo Campione also? Would such an intermediate logo bar have been used in 1978? Anyone have an intermediate or new logo Campione to sell or trade (no grooves)? Anyone have an 80mm 1R stem to trade? Did the 1R come that short?

By the way, Ken, the frame measures 53 cm ctoc, 54 ctot, don't know if that is consistent with the suggested provenance.


Jerry Moos

Donald Dundee wrote:
> Hi Jerry,
> Just FYI, the Holdsworth Team folded in1978, so your frame is probably
> earlier. However, at that time, the team had Cinelli as one of their
> sponsors, who supplied Bars and stems, so if you are interested inperiod
> accuracy for your Holdsworth Team bike, you may want to ditch the GB idea.


> Ken Denny

> Boston, MA