Re: [Classicrendezvous] Unicanitor

Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 10:34:29 -0700
From: PeterGrenader <>
To: Craig Sandvik <>
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Unicanitor
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Alas...if it's another Unicantor you need, you can get one --> NEW. Your local shop will have to order it through Euro-Asia Imports in Verdugo City (the east valley, man). Be prepared to shell out the bucks. E.S. has a large inventory of new old parts and know perfectly well what fanatics like us will pay for them.

There are a few different models of Unicantors. Suede in black or a dark mousy brown, a polished leather in black or plastic.

Peter Peter Peter in LA LA LA

Craig Sandvik wrote:
> I've been using a black plastic Unicanitor
> saddle on the bike I ride most, and am
> growing fond of it. Based on the age of the
> bike it came with, it's early to mid '70s.
> There's an oval label on each flap that says:
> Brevettata
> Made in Italy
> Those of you who've used Unicanitor and
> brooks saddles, which current brooks
> models is closest in shape to the
> unicanitor?
> Is the flex of the Unicanitor shell
> about the same as brooks leather?
> How 'bout a concise history of
> Unicanitor for this youngster?
> thanks,
> Craig Sandvik
> Drying off in Emeryville, CA