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Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Atala
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 21:26:53 -0500

Aldo, was'nt that you that posted the photopoint album of the Atala? That was a really nice looking bike. I always liked the Atala "script" logo. Very
Richard Rose

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> You have to remember that companies like Atala, Olmo, and Benotto made an
> entire range of bikes for the Italian market... from tiny toddler bikes, to
> 3-speed city bikes, to high-end and low-end racing bikes. The bike boom
> years certainly brought more of their worst products to the USA, where you
> could sell anything with two wheels. Even Bianchi and Legnano sold some
> very low-end "racing" style bikes, right along side their high-end Campy
> racers.
> I have a '60 Atala, '60 Olmo, '62 Legnano, '68 Paramount, and '73 Atala, and
> they are similar quality in terms of assembly, finish, and performance. All
> feature nice chrome headlugs and ends. All have Campagnolo's best
> components of the year. They're not as nice as a custom frame from a little
> company, but they were after a different market.
> From what I've seen, Atala's lowest bikes of the '70s were still better than
> Huffys. Same holds true of the lowest Bianchis, etc.


> Aldo Ross