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Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2000 10:26:29 -0500
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From: Harvey M Sachs <sachs@erols.com>
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Subject: [Classicrendezvous] Moulton and Sturmey, wasRe: : re: Moulton

At 10:14 AM 11/1/2000 -0500, CYCLESTORE@aol.com wrote about Moultons and their updating. If you are not into Moultons (few of which were set up for racing) delete this message:
>At rally's for the machine the early [Moulton]
>("F" frame for those in the know) out number the modern space frame models 2
>or 3 to one. In there day the held many speed and hill climb records and
>posted several race victory's till officially banned. One of the feasible updates is to widen the rear fork ot accept a Sachs 3x7 or equivalent, which I have done successfully. The trick is that these hubs, and the S/A, have an "overdrive" in the third gear (typically 4:3 ratio), which compensates for the small wheels.

I built a jig for doing the widening, which I would allow others to use. For liability reasons, I am not willing to do the widening for others myself. The bending required does not exceed any reasonable "cold setting" limits for the steel used.

your luck may vary!

harvey sachs
mclean va