Re: [ClassicRendezvous] Prices paid/Ripped Off

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Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 00:01:02 -0500
From: gregparker1 <>
Subject: Re: [ClassicRendezvous] Prices paid/Ripped Off
To: "Tony Zanussi" <>
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For anybody who has never been there, I will say Japan is extremely expensive, and they bring home large sums compared to the US, and especially compared to the majority of other countries.


That does not echo my experience. In a comparable position in the business world, the salaries tend to be lower than here in the U.S. while the cost of living is generally higher (at least in & around the major cities). What the Japanese do is SAVE much more than we do by a long shot, so when they reach a certain stage in life they may have a large nest egg (especially since many will never be able to afford their own home), so they express their "status" in other ways, such as driving a Euro. version Porsche in Tokyo. Talk about an attention-getter! I once saw a 300SL Mercedes Gull-wing (not a replica) being driven as a daily driver in Tokyo, but I'll bet the owner had a rented apartment. Different society, different ways to be an individualist in a very homogeneous environment....

In Japan, "the nail whose head sticks up the farthest gets pounded down first" is what I've been told by friends over there. A very fascinating place.

Greg Parker