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From: "Tony Zanussi" <merckxslx@hotmail.com>
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Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 07:16:06 EST
Subject: [Classicrendezvous] Re: [CR] Any GALLI afficiandos

Dave, I had a Galli blue anodized gruppo on a special Nishiki criterium frame I bought at the bike shop I worked at in 1980. The blue anodizing was very dark, almost black, but you could tell the difference in bright sunlight. I have never been able to get info on that beautifully made Nishiki frames. I remember I paid around $300 for just the frameset, and the owner I believe said it was handmade. I really miss it either way. The Galli was great in my eyes, and was different looking than any Nuovo/Super Record stuff.

Tony Zanussi

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Hey Gang, Thought I should at least make another attempt to see if there are any old GALLI experts/afficiandos amoungst us here on CR list? Are these components too modern to be considered "classic"? I thought the last discussion of GPM parts was extremely poignant, and was hoping that a similar discussion/education could be addressed. Cheers, David Anderson

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   > Hello-
   > Kudos to those folks that were both nice and knowledgeable enough to share
   > the GPM information with us. Is there perhaps another information source
   > amoung CR that can share info about that other Italian component
   > manufacturer, Galli. Thank you in advance.
   > David Anderson